The Year of the Comeback

* Originally published January 13, 2013

Fizz on the champagne of 2012 was still bubbling over when I proclaimed the following 365 days to be, “The Year of the Comeback.”  I had in mind a physical transformation back into my pre-fatherhood glory days.  Six months passed and all I had managed to accomplish was survive a triathlon (if someone asks you to go swimming in 63 degree water – don’t), go winless in weekend racquetball games (thanks Fenn for the “life lessons”) and gain a few extra pounds. I bring this up because at the start of 2013 I can say that “The Year of the Comeback” was a success despite the unexpected means of achieving the goal. I am tipping the scales 55 pounds lighter at my high school basketball weight of 175.

You have been journeying with Teri and I on this unexpected expedition and I want to keep you updated on how we’re doing and what we see down the forested trail we are walking:

  • Recovery from the surgery is going very well. While my body tires very easily doing any activity, I don’t experience pain when wrestling with the boys.  Resuming my weekend racquetball games is only a few weeks away.
  • I am back in the office full time and while physically able to make it through a day, I am exhausted by the time I arrive at home. Still, it feels good to be back at work and contributing to society again. Challenges will certainly arise when I resume traveling in the next few weeks and longer work days prevail.
  • The detox pain has subsided to dull aches a majority of the time. I am, over the next few weeks, increasing supplement dosages and the frequency of the treatment protocols which may increase the pain, but it’s a good thing. We want those cancer cells to leave the body!
  • I had blood drawn this week and it was sent off to a lab specializing in testing for micronutrient deficiencies.  This test reveals areas in which nutrients in the body are lacking and, with the help of a nutritionist and our consultants, we will create a plan for fixing these problems.  Fix the body and it will take care of the cancer. Results from that will arrive in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Thursday I met with a new oncologist and will be scheduling another PET scan in the coming weeks.  This scan will show the progress of the protocols and provide guidance about whether or not we need to adjust our treatments. I like the doctor, and while he didn’t give us any new information emotions surfaced that have taken us several days to process and find our joy again.  Meetings with conventional medical professionals remind us the treatments they offer give no hope for our future. But we are continually encouraged by our friends, family and a growing list of testimonies that there is great hope in the alternative treatments we are pursuing.
  • We have adjusted our diet dramatically. The grill is resting comfortably in the backyard and one day, hopefully not too far way, we will wake it with a blazing inferno. Until then, however, I am officially a vegan, eating a high raw diet – and I don’t hate it. The difficulty is to get enough calories to keep from dropping any more weight. I’m already too thin for my “skinny jeans” (yes, even men have skinny jeans).

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has shown support for our family. Each email, voicemail, text message and care package are an encouragement and we treasure them dearly.  It brings great joy to hear from you often so please don’t think that reaching out to us is an annoyance or somehow prying into our personal lives.

Lastly, I’d like to give a list of prayers Teri sent me the other day.  If you are the in the habit of praying, I ask for your prayers as well:

  • Destruction of cancer cells.  Gone.  Bye-bye.
  • Healing of digestive system so it has the ability to absorb nutrients needed to expunge cancer from the body.
  • Strength to continue to improve so that regular exercise can be worked back into the schedule.
  • Build up stamina.
  • Get sunlight everyday – Vitamin D is vital.
  • Weight stabilization – 55 pounds is about enough to lose
  • We will cherish our relationships with family, friends and God and will strive to deepen them in 2013.
  • For our Family:
    • That our family would be a priority in the midst of everything we need to accomplish daily.
    • There would be playtime and special moments with the boys.
    • Plenty of date nights!

We love you.

–          Bruce, Teri, Hudson and Maddox

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